Tao of Healing

The Dance of Tao: Healing the Suffering The approach to energy healing used by Sifu to cure disease worked apparently on the basis of clearing out accumulated energy waste products or tension forces amassing in the diseased body.

Tao of Healing

Science, psychology, and medicine should no longer claim that the etiology of disease and the nature of life be confined to physical matter. Nor can their practitioners ignore the human spirit or life force itself, a reality based on an integrated, splendid and physical energy in all. The truth of life is that all creation, from physical matter to people, is perfectly connected by the same eternally boundless and amazing cosmic consciousness or energy. The challenge is to understand existence and the universe from a holistic perspective that unifies matter, consciousness, and spirit. The author's path of self-discovery seeking out ancient and contemporary Golden Lands of healing Light rekindles and reaffirms great faith in the ancient Tao energy path to physical and spiritual health that readers can apply in their own lives. The strategies are derived from a unique seven-faceted path of Tao for Golden Light energy cultivation.

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