One minute, Bob Anderson was sitting at his desk in Houston, TX. The next, he was sitting with Grandfather, around a campfire, receiving ageless truths from Native American wisdom. With the wisdom of old, Grandfather explains how modern culture has ripped the joy and a sense of purpose from modern man. He reminds Bob of many things he already knew—he had just forgotten them.

He reminded him that... “The easier a thing becomes to accomplish, the less it is valued… If the grass is greener on the other side, it might be because there is more buffalo dung there… Strive to see the best in others by demonstrating the best in yourself.”

Grandfather says that... “A man must take time to sharpen himself or, like a knife, he will become dull and useless… It’s through struggles that you find strength… The lead wolf has responsibility for the well-being of the pack… Like spitting into the wind, the things you do come back to you.”

“Remember this,” he says… “Life is not too hard; sometimes you’re just too soft… Bravery is being afraid, yet still going on.”

Grandfather imparts ageless truths that can lift your soul and focus your endeavors. As Grandfather Speaks to you, be open to his wisdom; he might just ignite the flame of courage and bravery in you.

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