When I grow up, I will be…RICH!
People in general, and children in particular, want toys. Then, they look for explanations or excuses when they cannot get them. Only a few people never give up looking for solutions in order to obtain these toys. Most importantly, they understand the need for an action plan. This story shows the young children how to develop a business using the help of other people.
Any source of income that people choose in life depends on their ability to communicate effectively, and their power of influence – this is something developed over the course of a life. In short, if you want to be prosperous you need to know how to sell.
This application develops in children the ability to make simple trade calculations, and familiarizes them with the concepts of cost and profit. Another educational component is related to the skills of selling that an every adult should have, in order to increase their income.

This program will help your child develop his or her own entrepreneurial spirit. 
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Educational Content
Fun and educational
The developer of this application is already known for interactive educational software, targeted at children aged between 3 to 11 years. It’s also known for other applications for mobile devices.
Suitable for children between 6 and 10 years.

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