Teachings given by the wealthy builder Peter to his sons

Over time, people have found many ways to earn money. These range from physical labour and trading, to farming and raising livestock. All these activities can generate income.

But all stories of success, both real and fictional, have a common denominator: hard work and adaptability. Every human success story is based on perseverance.
The application develops the children’s orientation towards authentic values. Having a positive attitude and showing discipline, optimism, and ethical behaviour – these are all values ​​that anyone who has achieved prosperity has experienced. They can be instilled in children at a young age.

This program will help your child develop his or her own entrepreneurial spirit. 
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Educational Content
Fun and educational
The developer of this application is already known for interactive educational software, targeted at children aged between 3 to 11 years. It’s also known for other applications for mobile devices.
Suitable for children between 6 and 10 years.

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