You could fill a library with books that have been written about gardening, covering just about every aspect of it. A lot of them assume that the readers will already know about the subject and are just looking to hone the skills that they have already mastered. That isn’t the aim of the ‘Get Stuck In’ guide. This is for all of you who have never picked up a trowel before, or whose experience of growing plants has been very limited, so far. 

We have good news for you. Gardening up to a good level, where you can produce tasty vegetables is not as difficult as the experts make out. Take our word for it, in our time we started from scratch too and over the years have learnt what to do, often the hard way by trial and error. Let us share with you the techniques and practices that have worked for us, so that together we can get you to that same position a lot quicker than we did. 
Chapter 1 is a brief introduction to our outlook on vegetable growing.  Chapter 2 goes through where to grow. We cover pots and growbags, raised beds, gardens and allotments.  Chapter 3 is all about soil. We show you how to work out what sort of soil you have and what considerations to make once you know.  Chapter 4 contains guidance on how to increase your growing.  Chapter 5 covers planning from sunshine and shade to access and accessibility.  Chapter 6 - ‘Tools’ covers what you’ll need to get growing.  Chapter 7 is full of techniques to make you a better grower.  Chapter 8 is ‘Extend’ and concentrates on methods to lengthen the growing season.  Chapter 9 covers ‘Enemies’ and gives examples of diseases and pests which we hope you won’t encounter (but you probably will!)  Chapter 10 is our biggest chapter - ‘Growing’. We run through suggestions for your first season then go into detail everything from root crops to herbs and cover our favourite but more quirky vegetables such as artichokes, fennel and turnips.

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