Doc Roberts and his friend Hank set out on a search for gold and lost treasure in the Mexican desert. Instead of finding gold, they find trouble. They know something’s out of kilter when they encounter a strange resort in the middle of the Mexican desert. Their suspicion is confirmed when they find murder, rape and perversion at a level neither had seen before. They report the crimes to the U.S. authorities. Unfortunately they fail to respond or intervene.

Both Doc and Hank are in their fifties. They are both grandfathers, but not your typical grandfather. Doc and Hank are two decorated military professionals, with expertise ranging from counterterrorism to air intelligence. They are quickly faced with making decisions that send their lives spinning off on a course neither could have imagined.

Knowing that lives are at stake and that time is of the essence, Doc and Hank take matters into their own hands. Using their military experience, they plan the mission and create a tactical team, with Doc—the TAC Leader.

What Honor Requires combines modern military tactics and equipment with a psychological analysis of crime and sexual deviance. This book demonstrates that ordinary people can and do accomplish extraordinary things. It’s simply a case of doing what honor requires.

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