Over recent years, I have written blogs, newsletters, posts, tweets and even Professional Organiser training course modules on the subject of email management. Of all of the subjects that I share in professional and social media, this subject tops the charts for public interest and click-through rates. Everybody is experiencing email clutter and everyone wants to know how to deal with it. You are not alone!

Inbox clutter is a modern phenomenon, a global problem and it is growing at an incredible rate. One woman I knew of tweeted that she had dealt with over 13,000 emails that had accumulated in her inbox…and she was a Professional Organiser! It’s easy to see how emails can get out of hand, and with the other pressing things that demand our time and attention, as well as the plethora of newsletters, ads, signup links, notifications from social media profiles, invitations to become friends, network connections or the latest in a long line of exceptional entrepreneurs…it’s not hard to see why ‘eOverload’ is an epidemic!

This eBook has been designed to help you manage your email without requiring you to spend hours studying just how to do it. The advice is straightforward to understand, simple to implement, and immediately beneficial to your sense of well-being. Put these strategies into action for immediate relief, and control the runaway downloads filling up your inbox and creating stress in your experience.

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