In my search for wholesome entertainment that my family and I could enjoy, I came across an old movie called "Little Colonel" starring Shirley Temple and Bill Robinson a.k.a. "Mr. Bojangles." In one adorable scene, Shirley doesn't want to go to bed and Mr. Bo Jangles convinces her to go to bed if she'll allow him to teach her a new way to go up the stairs. In this extraordinary performance, both tap dance there way up and down the stairs like angels. I couldn't help but appreciate this scene, imagining myself as a little girl standing next to God at the foot of the stairs, taking His hand and allowing Him to lead me upward. Can I really trust Him with my life? We all want to ascend into spiritual maturity, but do we trust Him enough to allow Him to take the lead?

There is a bridal dance of unparalleled devotion, depicted in the portrait of the lavish love and relationship between the Shulamite and her "Beloved" in the Song of Solomon. But how do we know if we are dancing His Dance? This dance proclaims who we are, what we believe and the unspoken passion of truth of what we now embrace.

It is genuinely impossible to dance another's dance. In fact, the imitation of another's dance or passion for God will actually hinder the release of your own dance. The dance of the Shulamite is one that is distinctly YOU, placed deep within your soul by God.
It cannot be learned or choreographed, it is birthed. It is for those who move past the veil of redemption and move into the realm of intimacy. And, it can only be found through a passion for Him for those that are called to be the bride.

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