Allen Carr’s weight-loss method is unique.  All others involve an element of restriction, leading to feelings of deprivation – which is why so many attempts to lose weight end in failure. 

No More Diets is a new, accessible form of the bestselling Easyway method.  Covering all the key points of the method, this step-by-step summary is perfect for use on its own or as companion volumes to other Easyway titles.

With No More Diets you will enjoy your food far more right from the start. Once learned, the principles of Easyway can never be unlearned, ensuring that the benefits in health and well-being you experience will be permanent.

- No Scare tactics

- No need to feel deprived

- Changes the way you think about food

- Works for people who wish to relish their food

- You need never again feel guilty about eating

“Your journey through Allen Carr’s book will be a revelation in discovering how simple the answer to weight control can be.” Dr PM Bray MB, CHb, MRCG
Praise for Allen Carr’s Easyway: 

“A different approach.  A stunning success” – The Sun
“It’s the only method that works. Thank you!” - Ruby Wax

“His skill is in removing the psychological dependence.” The Sunday Times

“I was exhilarated by a new sense of freedom.” The Independent
“The Allen Carr method is totally unique.” GQ Magazine

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