This is a glimpse into my life, including growing up in a rough area of South East London as a child in the 70's, through to the 80's, 90's, and up to the present day. You will join me on a journey that at times will take you on a roller-coaster ride to hell and back, as I try to navigate my way through the dark world of drugs, robbery and other hard core elements of crime and general skulduggery. I will lead you to underworld places that most people wouldn't care or even dare to frequent, from seedy gambling clubs hidden within the labyrinth type back streets of Soho, to the blood stained world of old school gangster activity, and then to the depths of despair whilst locked away within the murky spine-chilling walls of her Majesty's prisons. There are moments when you will laugh with me and laugh at me as I share some of my many fun and sexy times I had whilst going through my teens and early 20's. When you buy this book you'll find it is packed full of sleazy one night stands, punch-ups, burglarys, murderers and the odd attempted murder. Inside Out will have you turning the pages with anticipation right to the end in eagerness to discover what happened next.

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