History, the collective experience of Mankind, teaches us about the present and the future. How do we look at events of the past? Do they help to solve our present political or economical conditions and conflicts? The essays in this anthology derive from the Engelsberg Seminar in 2019 that dealt with these questions. From perspectives as varied as the History of Ideas, Evolutionary Psychology, and Ideologies – amongst others – the writers apply history to today’s concerns such as International Relations, Geopolitics, Economics, and the role of the individual and human nature in history. Perhaps it is only through applied history that we can find our way forward.

More by Philip Bobitt, Jonathan Fenby, Yu Jie, Calder Walton, Iain Martin, Erica Benner, Gudrun Persson, Vernon Bogdanor, Michael Burleigh, Janne Haaland Matlary, Cory J. Clark, Maurizio Viroli, Karin Svanborg-Sjövall, Nathan Shachar, Fraser Nelson, Rob Johnson, Andrew Monaghan, Brendan Simms, Christopher Coker, Emma Sky, Niall Ferguson, Elisabeth Kendall, Rana Mitter, Josef Joffe, John Bew, Peter Ricketts & Kori Schake