‘Cardiology-2-Go – Quiz’ is an e-book with multiple choice questions based on the content from ‘Cardiology-2-Go – A Systematic Overview’. The target audience is medical students, junior doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals with an interest in cardiology. Time constraints during exam periods and in every day clinical practice make this quiz e-book ideal for testing basic skills within cardiology. ‘Cardiology-2-Go – Quiz’ is accessable wherever you are and designed to be used as a supplement to 'Cardiology-2-Go – A Systematic Overview’. The e-book contains the following features:

(1) Multiple choice questions with realistic patient scenarios
(2) Audiovisual material accompanying most question to make sure the correct answer not only sticks, but is also comprehended (includes electrocardiograms, echocardiography loops, illustrative figures, and clinical pictures)

We hope this quiz e-book will help excel your skills in cardiology.

More by Daniel Fyenbo, Morten Schmidt, Jens Sundbøll