‘Cardiology-2-Go – A Systematic Overview’ is an interactive e-book covering the basic cardiovascular curriculum. The target audience is medical students, younger doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals with an interest in cardiology. Time constraints during exam periods and in every day clinical practice makes this e-book ideal for quick look-ups and repetition of specific topics. ‘Cardiology-2-Go – A Systematic Overview’ is designed to be used as its name implies ‘on-the-go’. Thus, in addition to be used at home and in the study hall, the e-book can be used on your smartphone or tablet at the hospital, while commuting or wherever you are. Multiple choice questions based on the content from this e-book can be found in the supplementary e-book ‘Cardiology-2-Go – Quiz’. ’Cardiology-2-Go – A Systematic Overview’ contains the following features

(1) Systematic structure providing content overview at a glance
(2) ECGs with examples of typical and atypical features
(3) Echocardiography loops with various pathological findings
(4) Other audiovisual material such as clinical photos, chest X-rays, CT scans, coronary angiographies, ventriculographies, lung ultrasounds, illustrative figures of practical skills, pathophysiology, and classifications
(5) User-friendly references with direct links to more information

We hope this e-book will help excel your skills in cardiology.

More by Daniel Fyenbo, Morten Schmidt, Jens Sundbøll