Long ago, I began a journey.  It was a journey to find truth, learn truth and record truth.  Sometimes the best way to find and learn was to record the questions and answers I had about truth.  It was a journey that lasted for years; and one day, I found the notebooks I had used to record the truths I found. 

I found those books had kept track of me…even though I thought they were lost to time and the past. It was humbling to read these words again and see the day I first saw or heard them. 

They came at me as I needed to see them or hear them. I think they will do the same with you. I eventually put some of my own musings in there—you now have it all.

Thoughts that I had for years, things I believed I had always believed, and thoughts I thought I had always thought, were laid bare. I saw and remembered when I collected those thoughts and reasonings…. Then I found something else, totally unexpected… my journey was not finished; the game was not finished… not yet. 

Grab a notebook, sharpen your pencil and listen to your own truths… wherever you find them.

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