The history of the world has been changed by evil more often than by good. Evil does not always come straight at you; evil is a coward that insinuates itself around the truth, around courage and even around reality. That is why we call it evil.     

John Thomas Rourke and his family and friends have dealt with evil before. But this time, it is strangely different. Not long ago, Atlantis and UFOs and Aliens were legends. Now the legends are not only real but interlinked; inexorably and forever tied to each other.

A history we never knew is now a reality we will never forget. One tinged by evil.

This time courage alone nor hot lead alone nor cold steel alone can fix the problem. All of the threads of the recent past have now been pulled together, but to what end?  

Once again, the world is about to change and nothing can stop it. The question now is, can John Thomas Rourke guide his family toward their own survival and into yet another new world?

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