This ebook discusses the following topics:

What Does A Vegan Use Instead of Gelatin
Vegetarianism and Cancer: the evidence
Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians can Enjoy Tofu
Why Should You Become a Vegetarian?
Can you really switch to vegetarianism during your pregnancy?
When Milk is not a Healthy Food
The Importance of Eating a Healthful Vegetarian Diet
Don’t be a Lazy Vegetarian
Alternative Sources of Protein for the Vegetarian
Three Health Advantages Of A Vegetarian Diet
The Top Five Nutrients Vegetarians Lack
Ideas for Adding some Variety to your Vegetarian Lifestyle
Making a Vegan Cake
Why Vegans Don’t Consume Dairy Products
Why Vegans Don’t Eat Eggs
You are what you eat
Pig farming
Fish, mercury
Animal suffering
Different types of vegetarians
Vegetarians and heart disease
Vegetarians and cancer
Bowels and stomach digestion
Humans did not always eat meat
Transition family
Eliminate red meat
Eliminate poultry
Eliminate seafood
Got milk? Reasons Not to Grab for the Glass
Flipping the Switch to Vegetarianism
Variety Adds Vitality to your Vegetarian Meals
Lazy Vegetarians Who Choose the Wrong Carbs Risk Health
Why did humans start eating meat?
Proper Planning Prevents Problems
Vegetarian Diet for Optimal Personal and Environmental Health
The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet to Diabetics
Sample Two-Day Diabetic Vegetarian Menu
The Special Needs of the Pregnant Vegetarian
Sample Daily Menu for Pregnant Vegetarians
Going Vegetarian during your Pregnancy
The Healing Effects a Vegetarian Diet has on your Post-Baby Body
Sample Vegetarian Diet Including Essential Fatty Acids to Promote Healing
What to Feed your Vegetarian Baby
Traditional Meat
Variety is the Spice of your Vegetarian Childs Diet
Putting your Vegetarian Toddler on the Fast Track to Health
Sample Menu Items for your Growing Vegetarian Toddler
Ideas for Adding some Variety to your Vegetarian Lifestyle
Tips for a Vibrant Vegetarian Holiday Filled with Variety
Veggies Take Center State at your 4th of July Cookout
Tips for a Tasty Vegetarian Thanksgiving
Remembering the Reasons for a Vegetarian Season
Variety in your New Vegetarian Diet
The Environmental Costs of Factory Farming and Ranching
Why switch to vegetarianism
Nourishing our Body, Nourishing our Spirit
Caged chickens and hormones
Cow slaughterhouses
The Difference Between Vegan & Vegetarian
What Is Vegetarian Cheese?
Is A Vegetarian Diet Safe For My Child?
A Vegetarian Holiday Season
Some Statistics to Make You Think About Becoming a Vegetarian

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