Wildlife Rehabilitation is both an art and a science. Books written on this topic cover a very wide range of technical content and depth. A majority of these manuscripts cover the art side of the industry. They cover what rehabilitation is, why it's important and a lot of superlative information of many of the activities and actions required. For example, the art form of the rehab document things like abandoned baby rabbit nests. The reader will learn some of the nesting habits of the bunnies, how to determine if the nest has been violated and the fact that rehab is required. Most often, the writer will at serve the casual reader or the individual who wants an overview of the industry. For the individual looking for a hard core, how to, working knowledge there is a void. I spent many, many years trying to find a document that was a real, get your hands dirty and get it done book. For some reason, most of the rehabilitation books are not designed or written to teach the detailed fine points of rehabilitation. The Wildlife Rehabbers Handbook was compiled after many years of collecting both documentation and experience and produced in a technical how to text book format and covers the science side of the industry. This book not only talks about the abandoned bunnies, but instructs the reader how to collect the creatures, how to handle them, how to warm them and also what to feed them, how much and how often. This book was produced to teach a technical subject.

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