Have you ever lost a friendship and had no idea why? IF you had the chance to meet and talk with your heroes to get the answers... would you? IF they offered you advice and wisdom on how to solve a particular problem... would you listen? Do you have heroes but haven't yet learned how to tune into their messages, their accomplishments and their lives to find some measure of meaning in your own?

Grandfather has returned to visit with Bob Anderson as he struggles with friendships. And this time, Grandfather has brought friends to help enlighten Bob as he ponders: Is the reality that "real" people experience, the only reality we have? Is everything else simply coincidental or accidental? Can our fictional heroes really impact our lives?

We "try on parts of other people" to see if they fit. What does, we keep—what doesn't, we discard. In the process, we become who we are supposed to be. Nothing is coincidental or accidental...

Grandfather and his friends impart ageless truths to lift your heart and open your eyes.

When Grandfather Speaks Again... what will you hear? What will you learn?

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