Ayahuasca is not about healing. It is about magic. It is the quintessential magic potion.

This book deals with the emergence of the magical world into the authors normal life which began during the 2010 Chilean earthquake then continued to grow until he began unintentionallly evoking demons to physical reality, meeting with planetary intelligences, pure evil and the Elohim. It asks how we can discern truth when the deeply symbolic unconscious decides to visit us in the real world.

The book is unique from others in this genre because it attempts to be quite critical of the Ayahuasca experience and paint it into a larger Western context. While still being filled with amazing stories, it attempts to reconstruct and sometimes deconstruct what actually happened to discover if we can have confidence in our own perceptions and understandings of consciouness.

Here is the thing. No one knows what they are dealing with ayahuasca. Most of the books are filled with uncritical astonishment. The story needed to be written down as a warning and as a guide. This semi-autobiographical story reflects on meetings with pure evil, the origin of our thoughts, magic, shamanic negligence and how moving towards higher vibrations through deep mindfulness and prayerful meditation can allow us to reemerge into the light.

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