Relationships! Decision making! Life’s challenges! We all deal with them but not always very well.

Bob Anderson tackles these and other issues in a different way. His plan? To un-complicate your life and help you realize that the power to set your life’s course is within you. “Doing things that just ‘feel’ good may give you a short-term success but it won’t last. Focus on the ‘right’ and ‘hard’ things that make you feel good as a person; you’ll enjoy long-term successes while finding meaning and satisfaction.”

He challenges you to view failure and adversity as friends, which when embraced, can propel you to new levels. “It is through failure that you gain wisdom... It is through adversity that you gain character and strength and patience. You won’t find fulfillment, accomplishment and purpose standing in your comfort zone.”

Are you willing to work? Are you willing to make changes? Are you willing to be held accountable? If so, you can make changes. Rewarding and lasting change comes slowly and most often are changes in you—not others. The power is in you.

Anderson’s Rules is about success and the elements of living that make life fun and fulfilling; written to offer food for your soul.

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